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Jorge Luis Borges

from Borges' lecture on Metaphor:

Anything suggested is far more effective than anything laid down.

The woods are lovely
dark and deep
but I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep
and miles to go before I sleep.
(Robert Frost)

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The Duende (continues)

Duende, The
American Poetry Review, The, Jul/Aug 1999 by Hirsch, Edward
I wish I'd been in Buenos Aires on October zo, 1933, when Federico Garcia Lorca invoked the Dionysian spirit of art and delivered a lecture which he called "Juego y teoria del duende." Lorca was testifying to his own poetic universe, as his biographer Ian Gibson has recognized. It would have been electrifying to hear him because on that night, addressing the members of the Friends of Art Club, the spirit of artistic mystery entered the room. It moved at the speed of Lorca's voice and burned like incense in the rich air. It was palpable to the audience, as if Lorca had thrown open the windows so that everyone present could hear the primitive wing beats shuddering in the darkness outside. The floor shifted a little under everyone's feet. The lamps trembled. Thinking about it now, 66 years later, I can still see the stammering flames coming off the typescript of Lorca's talk. I feel the ancient heat.

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Duende (art), a difficult-to-define phrase in the Spanish arts that connotes emotion and authenticity.

PJ Harvey - This Is Love

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Manhole 69

Excerpt from Manhole 69 by J.G. Ballard:
Lang nodded. "I was thinking of something else. Tell me, has it ever occurred to you how completely death-oriented the psyche is?"
Morley smiled. "Now and then," he said, wondering where this led.
"It's curious," Lang went on reflectively. " The pleasure-pain principle, the whole survival-compulsion apparatus of sex, the superego's obsession with tomorrow--most of the time the psyche can't see farther than its own tombstone. Now why has it got this strange fixation? For one very obvious reason." He tapped the air with his forefinger. "Because every night it's given a pretty convincing reminder of the fate in store for it."
You mean the black hole," Morley suggested wryly. "Sleep?"

Chance Event

Chance Event went successfully--a nice exhibition of artwork by the artists in the building and one guest.
Staying up for 48 hours was a shock to my system, and its positive effects are noticeable.
Logically, one is also able to get much done.
Manhole 69 by J.G. Ballard encouraged this last minute organized event at non-space called 48-hours.